Media Data Science

What gets measured gets improved. Genistat offers consulting, analyses, machine-learning models and smart systems to enable the creation of content and revenue strategies made for the Internet age. Hence the company name: Generation Internet Statistics.
We combine academic excellence in AI and machine learning, strong big-data engineering skills and data-driven decision making with our creativity, curiosity and love for media.
Genistat takes a holistic view on Internet media and strives to to benefit creators, publishers and consumers.
We build and deploy robust systems in the cloud that keep on delivering insights even once we’ve concluded our project engagement.
Examples of systems built by Genistat:

  • Pattern recognition and analyses to help improve systems, processes, apps, and sales
  • Machine-learning models and AI enable content recognition and summarisation
  • Measurement of the impact of stories across multiple vectors like TV and social media
  • Enrichment of video metadata such as subtitles (if necessary generating subtitles using speech-to-text), faces or logos in real-time for TV and social media usage.
  • Precise delimiting of content (identifying the exact beginning and end of a show)
  • Advertising detection
  • Content fingerprinting via sound and audio signature
  • Real-time audience statistics regarding show, gender, age, and device usage
  • Audience flow visualisations and predictions of audience behaviour
  • Smart forecasts (e.g. we predict the audience for a future show) to inform an editorial decision or optimize a publishing strategy automatically

Client References

Zattoo, largest online TV provider in Europe

Establishing big data business intelligence architecture, systems, processes, and reports. Coaching and building up of in-house capabilities. Contributions to data-engineering. Introduction of first machine-learning models into productive use.

Large national broadcaster

Analysed and clustered user behaviour on one of their most popular apps. Found distinct user groups and gave recommendations to improve retention.

TV audience measurement joint industry committee

Acquiring, stratifying, and analyzing large volumes of audience data from five different online TV services. Major contributions to first official measurement of online TV market in Switzerland.


Bea Knecht
Chairwoman of the Board

Karla Maria Zinreich


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