We do data science

We use data science to empower people at every level and function to innovate, discover, and make better decisions.
We make it easy for you to engage with large volumes of data with our consulting services and products.
We also support you in developing your in-house data competency.

Our Expertise

Genistat stands for “Generation Internet Statistics”.
We represent a new generation of data scientists. Our team, tools, outlook and speed are adapted to the Internet age.

Our media industry expertise ranges from creation to distribution and user experience. We provide analytics and valuable insights for TV stations, television rating firms, TV platform operators, content producers and buyers, publishers, media agencies, and advertising firms. Our products address TV audience flow and cable business intelligence, as well as program analysis (zapping, audience over time, ratings), and device usage combined with geo-targeting. We enable various players in the OTV market to improve their customer understanding and enhance their product offerings.

We also have functional expertise in the areas of customer data, subscription data, customer behavior, product data, device usage, image processing, geolocation, application level instrumentation (client and server side), anomaly detection, data enrichment, ingest of large volume data sources, and more. These are applicable to multiple industries, for example banking, insurance, transportation/freight, tourism, healthcare, supply chain or NGOs.
We are developing capabilities and partnerships in the areas of image recognition, machine learning and narrow artificial intelligence.


We'd love to get to know you and your data. Feel free to reach out to us: info@genistat.ch